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How do you become — or nurture — the kind of leader who finds the potential in people and processes — and has the courage to help develop it? CDM works with individuals and teams to understand the culture and dynamics that shape their organization — and provides the tools, strategies, and guidance to help leaders navigate a new role, shift culture, and drive meaningful, lasting change.
The CDM Approach

Leadership Coaching

Working with both individuals and teams, we’ll work together to help you communicate more effectively, boost productivity and morale, and successfully shepherd change.

Change Management Guidance

Change is essential to a thriving organization — and one of the most challenging things individuals and teams encounter in the workplace. We work with every level within the organizational structure, listening, strategizing, and developing a plan that makes the change management process more efficient and exponentially more impactful.

Board Member Coaching

Entire boards, board chairs, new board members, or other individual board members, we work with them all — creating custom-built plans based on the identified needs that will prepare and guide your volunteer leaders to effectively govern the organization.

Career Coaching

Integrating strategic planning, self reflection and actualization, coaching, and skills development, together we’ll create a path for greater personal and professional impact — and meaning.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging Coaching

Research confirms that organizations and individuals that understand, embrace, and prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are more profitable, productive, and attract and retain top talent. Together we’ll create a plan that helps you weave diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into the fabric of your organization.

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